Bicycle information and bike protection

When you book a tour, one of the most important parts is selecting the right bike. Each tour will have different bike options, from road bikes to e-bikes and everything in between. It's important to do your research and select the right bike when submitting a booking request. Read on for more information about bikes and general info:

Bike Tours

Many of our hotel-to-hotel bike tours offer different bike options. Upright touring bikes and 21-24 speed hybrids are some of the most common bikes that can be rented. Most tours will have the option to rent an electric bike and road bike as well.

Bike & Boat

The type of bike you will generally find on our bike and boat tours, especially in Europe, is the upright touring bike with pannier bags. These bikes typically only have 7-speed (although some may have more), have a step-through frame, and upright handlebars for comfort. Some boats also offer 21-speed (or more) hybrid bikes as well.

Other Bike Types

Electrically assisted bikes (e-bikes) are becoming more widely available, and are specifically mentioned in the tour listings.

Tandems, child trailers, and tag-alongs (also called slip-streamers or third wheels) are also sometimes available.

General Info

For all information regarding available bikes, please visit the specific tour page under the Dates & Prices tab. Additional information will be sent in your pre-travel documents and information about bikes can be requested at any time.

Helmets - We strongly suggest wearing a helmet on all bike tours, and, for hygiene and safety reasons, that it's your personal helmet. That said, some tour operators rent or sell helmets. Check the 'Bike Rentals' and 'Prices' details on the Dates and Prices tab on each tour page for additional details.

Seats, pedals, and frames - Bringing your own seat and pedals is typically allowed, however, please inquire before your trip as sometimes it requires you to bring your own tools and self-assembly. If both men's and women's bikes are available, they will be assigned according to the information submitted in the booking request unless stated otherwise.

Bringing your own bike - Bringing your own bike usually isn't a problem but might not always incur a discount. Please confirm with us before booking.

Bike protection

Bicycle protection is available through us, at the time of booking.

Hybrid bike protection:

  • 8 days or less: €10
  • 9 to 12 days: €15
  • 13 days or more: €20

Electric or Road bike protection:

  • 8 days or less: €20
  • 9 to 12 days: €30
  • 13 days and more: €40

Bicycle protection will cover the following:

  • The cost of the repair/replacement of bicycle parts in case of an accident.
  • Protects against theft of the bike, only if the bike was locked. The key to the integral bike lock will have to be produced in order for bicycle protection to cover the loss.

Bike Rental Agreement

The rental bicycle must be returned in an undamaged/original condition to avoid any additional charges for the repair, maintenance, or replacement thereof. Damages must be reported immediately. The customer accepts full responsibility for the care of the equipment while under their possession.

All accessories provided with the rental are to be returned in their original condition. Damaged parts, components, and missing accessories will need to be repaired/replaced at the customer's expense.

If you have obtained a bicycle protection policy, this will NOT cover negligent behavior, including, but not limited to:

  • Intentional damage
  • Theft of bicycle left unattended and not securely locked
  • Theft or loss of accessories