Tour documents

Before your bike tour

About two to three weeks before your tour, we’ll send you email attachments with general information on your tour including how to get to the start hotel, service phone numbers, travel tips, and other helpful material. You’ll also receive a hotel list with contact information (unless you’ve booked a bike and boat tour). If you’ve booked a bike and boat tour, you’ll receive details of the vessel’s name, directions to the boarding point, and other pertinent information.

We know that most travelers want information earlier than that, and we try to get materials to you as early as possible. We do not create the documents and are entirely dependent on the local tour companies. We appreciate your patience!

You’ll want to review the tour documents right away to ensure the accuracy of information.

Please email us with any questions or concerns.

At the start of your bike tour

For self-guided tours, most tour operators provide you with an information package, containing varying amounts of materials on sights, cultural highlights, scenic stops, and recommended restaurants. They will include maps and cue sheets (directions) in English. Guided tours do not always have informational materials - as you are with the guide and a group, they are not necessary.

On many bicycle tours, there’s not as much material in English as in the language of the tour company’s primary market, and we encourage you to do as much destination research in advance as possible.