Denmark and Sweden by Sail and Bike

7 nights
18 miles/day
Guided from EUR € 1999
Countries: Denmark and Sweden
Rider Level: Active Electric bike tours Bike and boat tours

Denmark and Sweden by Sail and Bike


Rider Level: Active Electric bike tours Bike and boat tours

7 nights
18 miles/day

Guided from EUR € 1999
Bike and Boat Tour aboard Atlantis
Countries: Denmark and Sweden

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  • Discover the Baltic Sea, scenic isles, and historic Scandi cities

    Sail and bike the Baltic Sea between Denmark and Sweden! In the spirit of the ancient mariners aboard the majestic tall ship Atlantis, you'll explore the legendary Øresund Strait, once a bustling trade route.

    This unique itinerary features two of Europe's most bicycle-friendly cities, Copenhagen and Malmö. You'll follow the gently undulating landscapes of Nordsjælland (North Zealand), biking along the picturesque coastal Danish Riviera, home to gorgeous harbor villages. On the Swedish side of the strait, from the coastal gem of Helsingborg, your cycling features the Skåne County (Scania) coastline.

    As you sail, you island hop! The tiny island of Ven, rising above the sea like a plateau, offers breathtaking views of steep limestone cliffs, charming farmhouses, and the historic observatory of the renowned astronomer Tycho Brahe from the 17th century. The Danish island of Møn, the southernmost point of your adventure, is known for its dramatic white limestone cliffs, adorned with fossil treasures. Situated in a sparsely populated area, Møn offers the perfect setting for stargazing, as its remote location allows for exceptionally clear night skies.

    An unmissable Scandinavian adventure awaits you!

    • Pickled herring Smørrebrød, typical Scandinavian food! Loustejskal@Flickr
    • Ven Island, Scania (Skåne), Sweden on the Øresund strait. ©Bertil Hagberg
    • Helsingør, Denmark. CC:Greganered
    • View from Kronborg Castle, Helsingør, Denmark. Jens Herrndorff@Unsplash
    • Half-timbered houses in Helsingborg, Sweden. CC:Jsdo1980
    • Street Food Market in Helsingør, Denmark.
    • Kronborg Slot in Helsingør, Denmark. CC:Hagai Agmon-Snir
    • Copenhagen, Denmark. Sonia Remizua@Unsplash

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    • Unique accommodation onboard a tall ship
    • Copenhagen, 'City of Spires'
    • Malmö
    • Rural routes and the EuroVelo 10 Cycle Path
    • Charming old harbors and fortified towns
    • Helsingborg and Landskrona
    • The islands of Ven and Møn
    • Danish Riviera coastline

    Learn More

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  • CC-BY-SA-4.0 - Malmö, Scania, Sweden. CC:Christian Beiwinkel' data-type='image'> Malmö, Scania, Sweden. CC:Christian Beiwinkel
    CC-BY-SA-3.0 - Traditional half-timbered farms in the Scania region of Sweden. CC:Jorchr' data-type='image'> Traditional half-timbered farms in the Scania region of Sweden. CC:Jorchr
    CC-BY-SA-4.0 - Nyhavn, Copenhagen, Denmark. CC:Mahendra' data-type='image'> Nyhavn, Copenhagen, Denmark. CC:Mahendra
    CC-BY-SA-3.0 - Helsingør, Denmark. CC:Greganered' data-type='image'> Helsingør, Denmark. CC:Greganered
    CC-BY-SA-3.0 - Half-timbered houses in Helsingborg, Sweden. CC:Jsdo1980' data-type='image'> Half-timbered houses in Helsingborg, Sweden. CC:Jsdo1980
    CC-BY-SA-4.0 - Kronborg Slot in Helsingør, Denmark. CC:Hagai Agmon-Snir' data-type='image'> Kronborg Slot in Helsingør, Denmark. CC:Hagai Agmon-Snir
    CC-BY-2.0 - Biking in Sweden! Carla-Henrik Skårstredt@Flickr' data-type='image'> Biking in Sweden! Carla-Henrik Skårstredt@Flickr
    CC-BY-2.0 - Tasting Swedish whiskeys! Dominic Lockyer@Flickr' data-type='image'> Tasting Swedish whiskeys! Dominic Lockyer@Flickr
    CC-BY-SA-3.0 - Køge, Middle Zealand, Denmark on Kirkestræde Street. CC:Hubertus45' data-type='image'> Køge, Middle Zealand, Denmark on Kirkestræde Street. CC:Hubertus45
    CC-BY-2.0 - Family farms in Sweden! Clemens v. Vogelsang@Flickr' data-type='image'> Family farms in Sweden! Clemens v. Vogelsang@Flickr
    CC-BY-SA-4.0 - Tourists at Nyhavn, Copenhagen, Denmark. CC:Dicklyon' data-type='image'> Tourists at Nyhavn, Copenhagen, Denmark. CC:Dicklyon
    CC-BY-2.0 - Forest in Sweden. Paulius Malinovskis@Flickr' data-type='image'> Forest in Sweden. Paulius Malinovskis@Flickr
    CC-BY-SA-2.0 - Shrimp salad in Denmark. Max Handelsman@Flickr' data-type='image'> Shrimp salad in Denmark. Max Handelsman@Flickr
    CC0 - Danish lunch! CC:Orf3us' data-type='image'> Danish lunch! CC:Orf3us
    CC-BY-ND-2.0 - Danish beer! Craige Moore@Flickr' data-type='image'> Danish beer! Craige Moore@Flickr

    Denmark and Sweden by Sail and Bike

     Tour Description Daily Program 

  • Daily program

    Day 1: Arrival in Copenhagen
    Your tall ship, your home for the week, will be moored close to the center of the city and the famous Kastellet, the statue of the Little Mermaid. Embarkation and check-in will begin at 5:30 pm. The skipper, crew, and tour leader will invite you for a welcome drink, followed by dinner on board. During your first briefing after dinner, you'll learn what to expect during the trip and details about the ship and the safety measures on board. The bicycles will be distributed in the evening or following morning.

    Day 2: Cruise Copenhagen – Helsingør | cycle Helsingør–Hornbaek–Esrum–Helsingør, (28 miles /43 km)
    You will begin your day by sailing northward towards Helsingør, arriving at approximately 11:00 am. From here, your cycling tour will lead you along the Danish Riviera coastline, home to incredible and expansive beaches. Arriving at Hornbaek, you'll turn inland and ride through a slightly hilly landscape to the medieval monastery on the shores of Lake Esrum.

    The return route is gorgeous, passing wheat fields, castles, and country houses. Descending into the historic city center of Helsingør, you'll be greeted by the imposing Kronborg Castle, famously associated with Shakespeare's Hamlet. Nearby, the restored harbor buildings offer an enticing street food market as well as other attractions.

    Day 3: Cruise Helsingør – Helsingborg | cycle Helsingborg – Landskrona (17 miles/28 km)
    Today, you'll continue your journey with a delightful breakfast as the ship sails to the port of Helsingborg on the Swedish side of the Øresund. Helsingborg is a stunning city known for its beauty and innovative spirit - it ranks among Europe's most forward-thinking cities.

    Bike onwards along the picturesque coast of Skåne County (Scania). As you approach Landskrona, a magnificent 16th-century citadel with its double moat comes into view. You'll also enjoy breathtaking views of the nearby island of Ven from here, which you'll visit tomorrow.

    Day 4: Cruise Landskrona – Ven | short cycle tour around Ven | cruise Ven – Malmö (9 miles/15 km)
    The enchanting island of Ven is on today's agenda. Located on a sandstone plateau just off the coast of Landskrona, you'll reach the shores by dinghy. This tiny island, a mere 7.5 km2 (2.9 miles2), is a true hidden gem in the Øresund. With fewer than 400 inhabitants, it offers a tranquil, unique sightseeing experience. Ven is home to talented artists, goldsmiths, cozy cafes, and a great whiskey distillery. Additionally, the 16th-century observatory of the renowned astronomer Tycho Brahe is a fascinating piece of history. After a day of island exploration, you'll find yourself back on board and sailing south to lively Malmö.

    Day 5: Cycling around Malmö | cruise Malmö – Møn (12 miles/20 km)
    Malmö is renowned as one of the most bicycle-friendly cities in Europe. Established in 1200, across the Øresund from Copenhagen, Malmö effortlessly blends old-world charm with a modern cosmopolitan atmosphere. As you pedal through the streets, you'll encounter the impressive Turning Torso, a spiraling skyscraper that proudly stands as Sweden's tallest building. Its presence looms over lively squares that have witnessed centuries of history. Don't be fooled by the modest brick facades - they hide a wealth of contemporary artistic creations!

    You'll enjoy your longest sail in the afternoon, heading towards the Danish island of Møn, your anchor point for the night. Møn is nestled in a sparsely-populated area and holds the title of an 'International Dark Sky Community'. You'll be treated to a stunningly clear and captivating starry sky when the skies are clear. It's a sight that would have been crucial for ancient sailors navigating the seas.

    Day 6: Cycle the Island of Møn | cruise to Rødvig (19 miles/30 km)
    The trusty dinghy will transport you and your bike ashore. Starting from Klintholm Havn, your cycling route leads you to the breathtaking Møns Klint. These majestic white chalk cliffs, towering 130 meters (427 feet) above the sea, rival the renowned cliffs of Dover and Rügen. At the peak, the GeoCenter offers a fascinating glimpse into the 70-million-year-old history of these remarkable cliffs. You'll learn about their geological wonders and the abundance of fossils that can be discovered there.

    Continuing on your bike, you'll venture through the enchanting 18th-century castle of Liselund, surrounded by an English-style landscaped park. Pedaling through woods and rolling countryside, you'll then make your way to the blissful village of Borre. Finally, the route loops back to the harbor of Klintholm. In the afternoon, the Atlantis sets sail to Rødvig, where you'll drop anchor for the night.

    Day 7: Cycle Rødvig Havn – Køge | Sail to Copenhagen (22 miles/37 km)
    On the final cycling route, you'll leave Rødvig behind and follow the picturesque coastline. You'll join the long-distance cycle route of EuroVelo 10 as you bike along serene country roads and cycle paths. You'll catch glimpses of fascinating historical landmarks, including Denmark's oldest medieval castle, Gjorslev, and the magnificent Renaissance and Baroque Castle of Vallø, dating back to the 16th century.

    You'll end in the charming medieval town of Køge, from which you'll set sail on your last voyage of the week. The ship will gracefully moor again in the heart of the old city center of Copenhagen, providing the perfect vantage point to explore this vibrant metropolis.

    Day 8: Copenhagen
    Disembarkation by 9:30 am.

    Don't want the adventure to end? Consider taking a cycling day tour in Copenhagen!

    Every Sail and Bike tour comes with a touch of adventure. Regarding the daily sailing routes, the captain and crew must adapt to the whims of the wind. The strength and direction of the winds play a role in determining the path. It is important to note that there may be adjustments to departure times, time spent on the water, and even the order of the program. Flexibility is key!

    Surface and terrain

    The bike rides on this trip may not be long, but they present some elevation changes. Be prepared for a few challenging short stretches and navigating semi-paved gravel paths over short distances.


    How to get there

    Tour start and end

    Nearest airport: Copenhagen (CPH)

    There are several bus lines to and from the center of Copenhagen. Copenhagen Airport also provides free terminal bus services, which run between the terminals around the clock.

    Trains also run to and from the airport. The train station is located in Terminal 3.

    Denmark and Sweden by Sail and Bike

     Tour Photos Dates & Prices 

  • Dates

    Wednesdays: May 15, 22, 29; Jun 5, 12; Jul 3, 10, 17, 2024



    May-Jun Jul
    Per person, double occupancy €2099 €1999
    Single cabin use (1 person/1 cabin) €3149 €2999

    Bike Rentals

    Standard touring bike €96
    Electrically assisted bike* €245
    Helmets €10

    *Limited number available. Please request at time of booking.

    Included services

    • 7 nights aboard the Atlantis in climate-controlled cabin (including bed linens and towels)
    • 7x breakfast, 6x packed lunch, and 7x three-course dinners
    • Coffee and tea on board
    • Welcome drink
    • Daily cleaning of the cabin
    • Daily tour briefings
    • Fully guided cycling tours (two tour guides)
    • Roadbook* (1 per cabin)
    • GPS tracks
    • Carbon offset payment

    *The road book (1 per cabin) includes the detailed itinerary. Although the tour is guided, if you wish to cycle any of the days on your own, you can also choose to cycle the routes independently and at your own pace using the free Ride with GPS navigation app.

    Bike rentals

    Bikes available to be rented (in advance at the time of booking) include:

    • Standard touring bikes, 7-speed
    • Electrically assisted bikes (limited number, upon request)*

    *Limited number; please request at the time of booking

    Equipment included with bike rental:

    • Waterproof pannier bag
    • Water bottle
    • Bike lock

    You can bring your bicycles for an additional charge. Standard bikes are an additional €10 and E-bikes are an additional €25. The crew or tour operator are not responsible for any damage, loss, or theft of such bicycles.

    The bikes have flat pedals.

    Please note that helmets are available on this tour (a supplement applies). We recommend that you bring your own, or purchase one when you arrive at your destination. 

    Bike Protection:
    Bike protection can be purchased at the time of booking. You can read more about that HERE.

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    Denmark and Sweden by Sail and Bike

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    Denmark and Sweden by Sail and Bike

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